Saturday, June 25, 2005

A dozen ways to fail

I received an e-mail, whassup with the color digital? The modern Polaroid.

Reacting to the wonderful ease of photography these days, variable iso, auto-focus, on camera flash (die if you use that!) instant review of images, digital negative format, image storage, auto-exposure, in response to all that I am temporarily going hard-shell reactionary, shooting 4x5" b&w negatives, Tri-x of course.

It is fun, a very deliberate comparatively slow process.

Haven't gone totally nuts, am not doing a Sally Mann and coating my own plates. But nuts enough. Make all the mistakes, forget to pull the dark slide, forget to reverse the dark slide, make double exposures, under and over exposures, forget to stop down the lens...


Mega mega pixel camera


Anonymous michael said...

Most excellent! But if we, your viewers, are to enjoy the results, you'll have to scan them in, won't you? And here I have an urgent practical question: what scanner will you use? Sorry to be so nuts and bolts about it.

Blogger emory said...

Michael- I use an Epson 4870 flatbed scanner. I does an amazing job with 4x5.


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