Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Longest Day

June 21, the days git shorter now.

Watching the corn grow.


Found a peacock nest yesterday with three eggs.

This morning the nest was gone.


A crow was eating the yolk of one of the eggs, presumably moved out of the nest by a raccoon.


Snapping turtles lay eggs in the yard, raccoons dig up the eggs.


Snapping turtles eat baby ducks.


Blacksnakes eat pea chicks.


Art historians look at a photographer?s work and say ?the street photography of Mr.X is clearly informed by the photography of Lee Friedlander.?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dern varmits; i been seein' dem everywhere lately. de other day, i was even seein' dem in mah dreams. king varmit was saying that i had to only make pretty picktures so dat da population would wanna PURCHASE same.

dave - varment catcher

Anonymous Barrett said...

...and color.

Interesting color work. What's happening with this?

- Barrett (bwbenton@bellatlantic.net

Blogger emory said...

hey Barrett- I haven't gone over to the dark side, its a means to and end.
Shooting color is undeniably fun and a much more reasonable practice now that photogs can do it without mortgaging their house or dying from the chemistry.
But it is just plain trashy if you don't exercise a lot of care. And if not trashy, its "gee whiz, look at the beautiful colors Martha"
For an example of that see this months Smithsonian magazine contest results. VERY COLORFUL.


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