Friday, July 08, 2005

Being money

Being money is fun. People work for you, cherish you, put you in a safe dry place.
Being money is the bomb, when you are big money people respect you, worship you, get nervous around you, by God they are in awe of you.

In the Bible money is mentioned over and over again, hundreds of times.

Everybody loves money. Democrats, Republicans, Chinese Communists, little kids waiting for the tooth fairy...

On the other hand there is the life of corn.

You get shelled, you get made into a pipe. Many of the brethren are processed for corn syrup, consumed by humans and turned into adipose tissue. Then the fat people pump corn ethanol into their cars, drive to Micky D's, eat corn-fed beef

It sucks being corn.

The best part of being corn is living, in the dark, in a field, millions of plants, vast monoculture, north south east and west, corn in all directions.

Large. Green. Alive!

Money can't say that.

(Emma on ladder, priceless.)

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Anonymous Barrett said...

Priceless, indeed. Gorgeous cornfield "reprise".

Anonymous Bear said...

Cornfield rules. Great lights.


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