Saturday, July 02, 2005

custom suit

Philip-Lorca diCorcia is being sued by an Orthodox Jewish man that he photographed in 2001, as part of his Heads series:

"DiCorcia rigged strobe lights to scaffolding and trained his lens on an "X" he taped to the sidewalk. From 20 feet away, he took shots of Nussenzweig and thousands of other unsuspecting subjects. Later that year, diCorcia exhibited this image under the title "#13" at a Pace Wildenstein gallery show called "Heads" in Chelsea. The photographer said multiple prints of Nussenzweig's picture sold for about $20,000 each. The picture also was published in "Heads," a book that sold several thousand copies, diCorcia said.

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Hmmm. Dairy cows don't sue, dogs don't sue. Reminds me of the gun control argument, guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Maybe a creative lawyer could put together a class action suit on behalf of all the mute bovines whose images I've used without permission?

diCorcia's problem is he is sitting on a pile of money while we possess a superabundance of juris doctors in the US itching to get themselves and their clients some of that cash.

If you eat your birthday cake on the ground ants will appear.

Should diCorcia's subjects share the wealth?

Maybe he could pull a Mary Ellen Mark. Take the photo. Present the lucky subject with a Polaroid and an iron-clad release... Hope they sign.



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