Wednesday, July 13, 2005

eternal self promotion

Inked Magazine's current issue includes a six page spread of my pictures.

The photo biz is tough these days. People have to purchase gasoline before they buy their gelatin silver prints.



Anonymous Beckerman said...

Bill - Your blog looks great now. I see you somehow figured out how to get the menu stuff over to the right. i've been doing some blogger template changes for someone - and now i could have told you how the blogger gears mesh. I think I actually like it better than Radioland which is what I've been using.

anyway - i'm glad you got the blog going. i'm beginning to look forward to it.

Anonymous Hunter C. said...

I really like the cow shot, Bill. :)

- Hunter

Anonymous MATT said...

Hi Bill, Dave Beckerman told me about your site and I like your work & words very much. Do you know where I can get a copy of INKED?

Blogger emory said...

Hey Matt-
Inked is a new magazine, I don't know how they are working their physical distribution. Visit their site (url above) and dig around for purchase info.
The publisher, David Spivak, can be contacted by email at, he could tell you.
Be sure to buy their first edition, has the Dave Beckerman section.


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