Thursday, July 14, 2005

film fireworks

film rules.

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Anonymous Michael said...

Darn right it does! Seeing is believing.

Anonymous Bear said...

Don't get it. I'm a novice. Why does film rule. Are you saying you couldn't get the same amazing effects from a digital camera? Bear

Blogger emory said...

hey Bear-
you can get results from digital that are identical to film, but it takes lots of expertise and additional plugins for Photoshop. Digi is wonderful for the convenience, film darkroom is wonderful for the alchemy, for the reversal, the transparency, the sound of running water...

Anonymous Barrett said...

It's about knowing your medium. I know digital somewhat, but know film one hell of a lot better. So for me, right now, it's a question of immediacy versus nuance, a grab versus a caress. The above picture has nuance from here into next month. I'll likely remember it a good deal longer.


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