Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fireworks and fireworks

The fireworks moved this year, positioned behind Dominion Virginia Power's transmission line from my vantage point, I didn't mind.

Yesterday, Nature didn't wait until after dark for the fireworks. Thunderstorm in the afternoon, bent trees sideways and those that wouldn't bend broke in two. Was it a tornado? I haven't heard.

More fireworks as the primary, high-voltage lines in Charlottesville came tumbling down, shorted out, 19,000 volts to ground, 34,000 volts between phases. In the Woolen Mills Neighborhood, Franklin Street was closed! We've been praying for this street to close, 1,800+ vehicle trips per day. Quiet now, it is like a residential neighborhood!

Rained cats and dogs and transformers over near UVA.

Made a mess of the UVA lawn.

In my neighborhood people got together and talked, that wonderful coming together that accompanies stressful times.

Near UVA folks came together in a different style.

On Rose Hill Drive families moved out to their front porches, a time to be together.

The icons were unscathed

A North Carolina line crew worked all night, subcontractors for Dominion Virginia Power.

Wednesday morning, the work proceeds.

I lost the top of a silver maple and one leaf from my Kentucky Coffee Bean tree.

Fireworks and fireworks.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful image!!!

Anonymous Michael said...

Bill, I love this evocation of time and place. Do please keep it up! I especially like the way you left that wonderful B&W image to the end, an exclamation mark!

I'm beginning to suspect that some of these colour images are digital. Is it so? What camera do you use? And is that final B&W image translated from colour? Sorry to be so nuts and bolts, but I want to know how you work your magic.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey bill,
Beautiful work, as always,
Lise S.

Blogger emory said...

Hey Michael-
I am primarily a Leica shooter. Leitz has a digital back for my camera but it costs $4000? They claim they'll produce a digital M-series camera as well, but again, it'll probably be a 4K fee to enter the club.
I broke down and bought a digital camera, a Nikon D70. I use it primarily as a Polaroid, checking exposures and composition before shooting film (Tri-X!)
Also, if an image isn't good enough for film, I'll shoot it in digital alone.
The last picture of the coffee bean tree leaf is a digital image with the color removed.
The film version will be better.
For the blog, digital is perfect, quick, painless- and this time of year the humidity moves into Virginia, there two predominate colors, grey and green and contrast drops to zero. In some of the zero contrast cases the color actually helps.


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