Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

Ieoh Ming Pei, 88, architect, born in China, spoke at Monticello today, welcoming new Americans.

Also speaking, J. Harvie Wilkinson, newspaperman, law school teacher, potential Supreme Court nominee.

The sisters diverge...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take it from your comments, the "semper fi", and todays photo of your daughter in fatigues that she's in the "corps" and may be at Quantico, going through either PLC, OCS or TBS. I traveled the OCS and TBS route myself some 33 years ago. Seems like only yesterday! Wish her good luck for me.

Semper Fi

John S

Blogger emory said...


I'll pass on your encouragement. She has a way to go yet. One inspection at a time, one evaluation at a time, one CRT at a time...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to do that comment thing that other folk had managed but I don't even know what bloggering is or if one does it or has it done or wouldn't consider either. Sometimes I get the real lonesome homesick blues looking over all these pictures-girls, ah, a uniform. How to relate? I still picture all those blond heads bent over the bucket of creek water with whatever captured creatures it might contain. I love visiting with you thru all these pictures and words. That's my comment...powerful fireworks .


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