Friday, July 01, 2005

lead dust

Painting a portion of my house, first time in seventeen years.

Breathing lead dust, up before sunrise, weatherman calling for severe thunderstorms and hail later today.

Took Sophie for a walk in the mist by the river. Picked up a copy of Charlottesville's arts and entertainment weekly, The Hook. Publisher Hawes Spencer has been good to me over the years. Starting when I was a repair plumber and continuing through my other Mr. Fix-it Careers (HVAC repairman, auto mechanic, radiology tech) Hawes' newspaper was my creative outlet.

Staying alive.

Course now there is the Internet, but nothing is quite as fine as works on paper. Great happiness to have what newspaper photographers call a "double-truck", two pages of pictures side by side without advertisements.

Editor Spencer gave me four double trucks in a row.

Hawes is the man!



Anonymous Barrett said...

You the man, too...congratulations.

Sadly, up here media-(over)saturated New York, I rarely see this. Yes, I can pick up a copy of DoubleTake or the like, but nothing in the mainstream; the weeklies up here next to never do this (closest we ever got was when Sylvia Plachy was in The Village Voice on a regular basis years ago). The New York Times Magazine does it every once in a while. The New Yorker sneaks one in occasionally. That's it.

Nice to see it lives on elsewhere, even if only occasionally.


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