Sunday, July 17, 2005

pretty girl

I had one prospective wedding to photograph this year. Sweet couple, she was from Italy, he from the US. In the end I talked them out of hiring me.

People spend real money on weddings, 90% of their lifetime photography budget gone in a day or two.

It is hard to believe that I have been the fortunate recipient of this knot-tying largess. Who would have the courage to hire me? The final paragraph in my contract reads:

Bill Emory is on record as not being a wedding photographer. While these photographs will be made during the course of a wedding and allied events it is to be expected that the photographs' content and composition will be idiosyncratic and will not necessarily conform to any bridal-industry standard.

I attended a wedding today.

The photographers were working in "photo-journalistic style."

That is the bride above.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

She seems so happy. Unlined face with clear bright eyes.That neck, and her shine on the skin, which is Ok, tells me she is obtainable. Or, was, Goddamn it. That smile that every man at the wedding is thinking, Man, wouldn't I... She is, they are rich, well off, I don't like him already. But he has friends who are like him, who say they like him.
December 20, 2007. Over two years.Does she still have that smile?


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