Tuesday, July 12, 2005

seven lean years

parking lot drainage

Vision Statement:

The Rivanna River Roundtable has developed a vision for the future of the basin based on the understanding that a healthy landscape, diverse ecosystem, clean air, clean water, and beautiful scenery add value to the local economy, and sustain the quality of life.

We envision:
? a river treasured as an investment in the future of the region, a resource worthy protection;
? a river occupying a vital place in the continuing history of the region;
? creeks and rivers which define what it means to be part of a special place, reinforcing residents sense of place and community;
? streams and rivers as accessible recreational resources, providing inspiration and educational opportunities for future generations;
? a river closely integrated into the cultural life of the region;
? streambeds providing habitat for river life and containing less silt, more rocks and riffles;
? forests and trees providing habitat and shading the streams and rivers, thus providing a habitat for fish and birds;
? a landscape that allows rainwater to seep slowly through the ground, providing recharge for summer creeks, while limiting flooding;
? swimmable, fishable streams for our future generations;
? clear and clean waters bound by fully vegetated stream banks, with topsoil in place;
? a future created by interested citizens working together and celebrating our need to return to the river as a source of daily pleasure, a place of commerce, and a place of occupation, and as a reminder of our history.

The Rivanna River Roundtable Report was released in May of 1998.

Meanwhile, the Rivanna has been busy transporting its silt and bacteria load downstream.

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