Tuesday, August 23, 2005

bright red thing

Her parents gave her a carving knife, imagining wood block prints and whittled figurines as products of the blade.
She found a dead bird and with her friends set out to determine "cause of death."
They split the bird down its breast, separated organs, checked stomach contents.
In the bird they found a bright red thing. Too bright, too red, they showed it saying-
this is why the bird is dead.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

im an art student and i love that photograph.
i am requesting permission to draw it?
i know.
this must sound so weird.
i look forward to hearing back from you.


Anonymous Underwood said...

Hi im in a band called Underwood that is comming out with an EP titled "Death by Birds" I would love to use this as the cover. myspace.com/underwoodtr
if you would like to hear the music on the ep let me no.

Blogger risen304 said...

Great Photo!


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