Sunday, August 21, 2005

day of rest




Blogger photographer52 said...

What exactly does that mean? Am enjoying your b&w images.

Blogger emory said...

Dear photg52- I was hoping someone would tell me! That's why I posted the pic, taken on the bike trip last august, so I googled, probably found out more than anyone wants to know, see below.
You have gotten me dangerouusly close to a rant on the subject of organized religion!

The name "Christadelphian" means "Brethren in Christ".

It is another little Christian group.
You'd have thought after being fed to Lions all Christians would have agreed to disagree in the future when they had doctrinal differences.

But a quick search of Internet land reveals that there are other Xians that harbor illwill for the Christadelphics:

"Christadelphian theology is another clever impersonation of Christianity. It denies the devil's existence as a fallen angel, as well as fiery hell, the Trinity, that Jesus' sacrifice was substitutionary, and it teaches that Jesus had a sinful nature. It is definitely not Christian. Read about the Christadelphians here."

If you made it this far- I really like the Sheep Creek Bridge shot!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Christadelphians had perhaps a better handle on what the "real" Christ was like as he walked the sands of the Middle East. Their beliefs sound a little more logical and pehaps tie in to the belief that Christ was married. Interesting post; thanks for it and the photo. Love these shots of rural Virgina.



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