Friday, August 05, 2005

denatonium benzoate

photoshop liquid filter
Rita and Elaine

In April 2003 a bill was introduced in the Senate to add a bad taste to antifreeze. The bill is still kicking around DC.

Last month George Allen, chairman of the Senate Commerce subcommittee on consumer affairs, invited dogs to a committee hearing (approximately 10,000 dogs die yearly from ingesting antifreeze, many are poisoned deliberately).

There you go, some good news about George Allen. Save the dogs!

Better life through chemistry.

Wish the subcommittee could add something to the water to make everyone happy.



Anonymous matt said...

Perfect shot to make your point. It deserves a page in Newsweek or somewhere prominent

Anonymous Michael said...

Good comment / photo. The 1960's *did* leave their traces after all...

Anonymous Roger said...

Great shot. Keep up the social awareness.


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