Monday, August 08, 2005

god's megaphone

How long a wait? How much work?

My friend said "pain is God's megaphone." My friend is an optimist? How was God's purpose served when this dog sustained extensive orthopedic injuries, struck by a car? Things happen.

Nice to think that there is someone watching out for the powerless, the innocent, the infirm. The kindness of strangers might be God's megaphone.

Pain is just pain.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Be wary of any enterprise that requires new clothes."

Any interpretation of suffering described through metaphors meant to uplift or soothe, or any valiant attempt to create glory or purpose in the world of pain, these things remind me of Thoreau's sentiment above.

The desire to make pain better than it is, to dress it up in nicer hues and finer linens, this so often comes from the better parts of our hearts. But if God is using a megaphone to get our attention on this subject, my only guess about the message we aren't listening to is: suffering asks to be witnessed, first, and whatever may come beyond that primary act speaks of further dignity.

Always, though, the first step. Instead of turning away, make the harder choice: look at it, all of it. Fine to see the beauty, but finer still to visit again on the days when it is not so well-dressed.

This photograph (and so many others here) is one way to stand and look at what is hard; then the harder choice still--asking to hear more. And the plain words on the matter are another hard but worthy act; Bill is right: "pain is just pain."

J.L. Jack


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