Saturday, August 20, 2005

industrial silvaculture

resource extraction tools
I am used to seeing pulpwood cutters working with rolled up sleeves, chain-saws and pickup trucks.
Biking through the Mattaponi watershed, saw my first tree snipper. I wonder what the silvaculture industry calls this item? The Annihilator?
Looks like a mechanized Hercules beetle.
The Anni grabs a tree with clamps, guillotines its subject at ground level, then loads the log on a truck. One two three.
There are laws that govern resource extraction.

C. If the State Forester finds that any owner or operator is conducting any silvicultural activity in a manner that is causing or is likely to cause an alteration of the physical, chemical or biological properties of any state waters resulting from sediment deposition presenting an imminent and substantial danger to (i) the public health, safety or welfare, or the health of animals, fish or aquatic life; (ii) a public water supply; or (iii) recreational, commercial, industrial, agricultural or other reasonable uses, the State Forester may issue, without advance notice or hearing, an emergency order directing the owner or operator, or both, to cease immediately all or part of the silvicultural activities on the site, and to implement specified corrective measures within a stated period of time.

Has this law ever been applied?

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Anonymous Buffy said...

I am doing art coursework on nature versus industrialisation. I think that this is an interesting piece to include in my coursework, as it show as you said, the annihilation of nature by one machine. I thank you, but i am ashamed for the people who created this, because 'it is necessary'. Thanks for bringing this important issue to peoples attention.


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