Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mattaponi watershed

schoolhouse, Indian Neck, VA

The 76 Bike trail isn't perfect, things change in 30 years.
In Louisa County the '76 route heads northeast on RT 605, the Shannon Hill Road. Must be a map for truckers that designates this as a route of choice, "boundless opportunities for flattening bikers!" Incessant flow of dump trucks and logging trucks, Louisa is a resource extraction area. The signature of the south, resource extraction, making money off the countryside.
Made it out of Louisa County in one piece, abandoned the '76 route. Hopscotching on backroads through Spotsylvania, Hanover and Caroline counties, finally got into the watershed of the Mattaponi River, Shumansville, Bagby, Gether, Helmet, Indian Neck, gets pretty here.



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