Saturday, August 13, 2005


There are soldiers in the way of harm, a girl holds a baby in a blanket in her arms
A man with a flag leaves for work, a woman pulls a thread from the hem of her skirt
Another Saturday comes and goes, another south wind comes and blows
Another baseball field another pop fly, another bunch of boys another blue sky
?Sam Baker

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Anonymous lydia said...

What a humorous capture! love the juxaposition.

Blogger Barrett said...

I'd put the humor in more of a Joseph Heller-like vein, but it resonates all the stronger for this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another shot it appears, of the guys this time, on the "grinder" at Quantico. I wonder if I looked that young and baby-faced when I was in their boots in the same location back in '72. Probably did!

Semper Fi


Anonymous Andrew said...

Thinking the same thing, John. Only one place where you can see digital cammies with white "recruit tape" name tapes and a tenth of the platoon on crutches for stress fractures and shin splints. If it had been one year earlier I may have been part of that picture myself.

Semper Fi



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