Friday, September 09, 2005

oof ftd stp

Rapidan river fog

Wednesday I was making fun of OOF, out of focus. But truly, the rule of photography is there are no rules.
There is no rule but one.
Take off the lens-cap.
Fog is akin to OOF, fog lowers contrast, blurs detail and in so doing reveals a larger truth, the role of distance. Fog reveals what is near and what is far.
If an image has appeal when blurred its design elements are good.

When I squint until I can barely see the hurricane's sequelae an essential truth looms. Everyone screwed the pooch.

Belated thanks to Chad Dotson, Virginia's elected blogger, for hosting the first Virginia Blog Carnival!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see a lot of stuff posted on the web thses days, some good some bad and a lot in between. but this selection is excellent.


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