Monday, September 12, 2005

volvo 1997 850 sedan

850 volvo sedan

I have eight rolls of film waiting to be developed but another task has taken precedence, selling my vehicle.

Vee-hickle as we say down south.

I beg your forgiveness for introducing such a crass topic. I am looking for a good home for this car. I'd prefer to have it owned by a photophile rather than a stranger.

One of my previous occupational incarnations was Volvo repair person. Seven years working at the Foreign Auto Center.

I crushed my left hand one morning, April 15, 1993. Ouch. My own stupidity. Actually, crushed one finger, comminuted fracture. My boss friend colleague philosopher took me to the hospital, visited during my protracted recuperation.

The finger is still attached.

OK I digress.

Quality is made up of raw materials, attitude and process. This is a first rate car. It has been meticulously maintained by my friends. It has been driven primarily on the Interstate (my daily driver is a 1980 Volvo wagon with 285,673 miles on the odo). The sedan has low mileage (74K). I have all service records.

The car is a 1997 850 sedan, it has all the Volvo stuff: side impact airbags, anti-theft, central lock, traction control, moonroof, spoiler, 4 speed auto transmission, tachometer, front wheel drive, power everything, air conditioning, leather seats, alloy wheels, cd player, ABS...

The mileage has ranged between 21 and 32 miles per gallon.

I'll be back to photo pursuits, but right now, it's car selling time.



Blogger Barrett said...

Well, I applaud your taste in motor vee-hickles; if I wasn't a typical, home-grown Noo Yawker (i.e. don't have a driver's license, gets everywhere important by bicycle or, failing that, some form of rail transport), I'd be tempted. A solid ride. (nice low-key pic as well, which helps keep the crassness to a minimum;-)

Blogger Michael said...

Nice car. Nice background. I note, following the link to your compact biography, that you went off the rails in 1968. It was a good year to go off the rails. Congratulations!

Anonymous donate a car said...

Congrats for the car.


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