Monday, October 17, 2005


Making 16x20's the way grandma use to make them, optical chemical physical process, selectively reducing silver.
Photographic darkroom work is different than Photoshopping zeroes and ones. A dance in the dark, requiring mental presence, physical exertion and balance.
Being old as dirt I am delighted that photography can be accomplished digitally.
My useful life as a printer will be extended.
When I no longer have the strength to pour a 20x24" tray loaded with chemistry back into a jug I will still have the strength to hit the print button.

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Blogger Michael said...

True, and consoling. But on the other hand one way to keep your strength up is to keep pouring those chemicals.

Blogger matt said...

Bill, Could you lend Beckerman a funnel for what's left of his darkroom? Actually I feel pretty old after 4-5 hours standing in my darkroom trying to print a 16x20 worth looking at...

Blogger Barrett said...

I almost can't believe the kick I've gotten from souping my own film again - somewhat less heavy-lifting than printing, I'll admit. I think 'll be doing this as long as there are materials available to work with. I actually even like flipping the little lever on my little old GE process timer (but I'm looking for a decent example of an even older version of this timer, clad in black metal housing, to replace my dingy beige plastic version...any leads?).

Bill: noting the Netscape Navigator 2.0 box in the pic: just how old is this photo, anyway? (Or did you just have that box laying around and just included it as a goof?)

Blogger emory said...

barrett- i am a gralab timer person, can't help with the g.e.
good catch on the netscape navigator book, back in the young innanet days before the evil empire stepped in and Internet Exploder took over. how artfully were the netscapers slain.
the photo isn't as old as the book, see how the book's cover (where the framed 5x7" sits} is at the same level as the deck of the sink? When I am printing 16x I have a tray full of water sitting on the book and the sink, an intermediate step between fix and wash, its akin to Dave's paper funnel, makeshift, make-do

Blogger emory said...

matt- as i am slowly forced out of my house by photographic accretion/acquisition I bow to DB's "wisdom of the paper funnel", it stores in a small space


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