Saturday, October 01, 2005


There are portions of American popular culture that make me apoplectic!
What was McDonalds thinking? Has polling revealed that 95% of their customers read at a third grade level?

"my kinda shoppin' spree, i'm lovin' it"

Indeed. Makes me want to bomit.

On the west coast for a wedding. I am a tourist! As McDonald's might say:

takin' turist pikchures, lovin' it

I'd like to blast up the coast and photograph the redwoods but my rented auto sounds like it has a worn rod bearing. Knocking noises under the hood. Not willing to break down, so I am staying put.

Staying in Oakland, rode the ferry into San Fransisco yesterday and took pictures of other tourists. I'd love to live in SF for a year. The quality of the light is breath taking plus I like taking pictures in fog.

Wireless network in the hotel is down, uploading via cellphone. Stomped on the images a bit more than usual using Adobe's "Image Ready."

Hope the Lord Buddha keeps all these Bay Area residents calm and in place. Can you imagine if these people had a hurricane Katrina and moved East. Eeekkk. There goes quality of life in the Rappahannock watershed.

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Blogger Michael said...

1. Thanks for the Buddha
2.Thanks for the Buddha nature in the sunny beer drinkers
3. Never mind the redwoods, love those...evergreens?
4. Be apoplectic for me. And don't see Supersize Me. Coronary for sure.

Blogger Barrett said...

Er...what Michael said! Plus:

- The sloganeering infecting Mickey D's is merely a continuation of what I call HOPS (Hooked On Phonics Syndrome). Rather than tackle illiteracy head-on, it's more interesting (read: cost-effective) to embrace post-literate society (when it's not being blamed all on those danged permissive liberals), and adopt it as yet another cynical marketing tool.

And, yeah, I did watch too many Ingrid Bergman pictures in my youth. Wanna make something of it? ;-)

P.S. Good pics.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey: Want to see more SF photos! I'm sure you took more shots than that...


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