Friday, October 14, 2005

dock of the bay

Jeb and Pelham

We have two perfect weeks of weather in Virginia per year. We had a couple of the good hours of one of our good days today. There are blood-sucking ticks, poisonous snakes and poisonous plants here, if you are elsewhere in the USA or Mexico, THIS IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO MOVE. BAD PLACE, BAD PLACE!

I enjoyed California. That place is perfect. Light perfect, weather perfect. Just one problem, it's fixing to do a Pakistan.

Back in the Mutual Assured Destruction days people talked about "mental numbing". That necessary process for avoiding thoughts of the danger inherent to sitting on top of a nuke-u-lar arsenal.

"Looks like nothings gonna change, everything still remain the same."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A land in hand is worth
Two quakes in the bush.


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