Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I managed to catch a few minutes of the Scorsese piece about Bob Dylan. Seeing the words come out of the young genius's mouth. Felt like I was watching biblical videotape.

Put me in mind of Bob Dylan's Dream.

Spent memorable time with these people. We were three married couples, we had six kids, spent seven years congregating, eating, drinking, laughing, playing.

With haunted hearts through the heat and cold

we never thought we could get very old

We thought we could sit forever in fun,

But our chances really were a million to one.

All the marriages are over.

Memory and friendship remain.

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Blogger Michael said...

It *wasI biblical videotape. Alan Ginsberg said he was 'a vibrating column of air', and the booze inspired Irish guy spoke of a shaman. Dylan's book Chronicles says something of what it was like to be a conduit.

but these pictures/words connect, too. Thanks.

Blogger Dave Beckerman said...

Dylan is as close as I've ever gotten to a shaman / visionary / whatever you want to call it - like a pipeline to the collective unconscious - and continues to be the same for me. But you know that already.

As he ages - as his mood darkens - he only becomes more profound for me (esp. Time out of Mind).

I'm out of touch with contemporary (what a word) music. Is there anyone else out there with a shaman glow to them?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone looks pretty, but def clueless and dreamy. Your poor eye.... That's why looking at pics is so exhausting, you relive the emotion of the time represented. And in normal time, you get a certain quantity of material to handle and that's it. Looking at days or weeks of old pics from the past means you have to hold all your current emotional data and then, the old stuff too. Like time but not content collapsing. Must induce growth of some kind.

Blogger Barrett said...

Dave: A latter-day Dylan? Shirley you jest. But for my money, I'll mention a few who are contenders in their own way:

- REM (esp. their later work)

- Roger Manning

- Ani diFranco

- Peter Blegvad

Among others. Highly subjective, of course. (Hey, you asked!)


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