Wednesday, November 16, 2005


painting by Jackson Pollock

My mom says "not too many details."
Making law, making sausage, not pretty.
I am taking a few days off.
I say with confidence.
Having some parts removed via surgeon directed robot.
Ah! The old days, when Chuck Taylors were made in Lumberton North Carolina. When voices on the phone weren't digitized.
Ah, the new day, when a surgeon can operate at a distance, when I can publish for $3.95/month.
Someone take care of hunger and hatred and it's a wrap.
I thank my community. I am blessed. In the hands of God. You know who you are.
Write me please.

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Blogger Barrett said...

Whew...the procedure sounds less dramatic than in the old days. It also sounds like the recovery will be speedy. Very best wishes!

Blogger matt said...

Hey Bill,

Good luck!

Anonymous colten said...


Your site is beautiful.

- Colten


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