Wednesday, November 02, 2005

god and mammon

for thirty years whenever there is a republican in the white house virginians put a democrat in the governor's mansion. its part of the twisted VA logic. Elect the national republican, balance him with the local democrat.
Everywhere there are yard signs for the gubernatorial candidates. Quick quick put up a couple of Ten Commandments signs.

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Blogger Michael said...

You might also put up some explanation in your front yard. I know what my Southern Baptist Grandma thought commandment no. 3 meant, but I need more guidance. What if someone thought s/he were doing the work of the Lord his/her God, and did not hesitate to say so now and then. And if someone else thought that was "in vain"? Hmmm?

Blogger matt said...

When it comes to the 10 commandments, unless you don't have a sense of humor, Google George Carlin on how to turn them into 2 commandments...

Blogger Michael said...

Matt. Bill. George Carlin has spoken to me miraculously though I sit alone in my room. I'm down to two and ready to do some coveting.


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