Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Historically, economic development and environmental degradation have gone hand in hand.
Yesterday in Virginia we elected new politicians.
Will they kowtow to those who pave and pollute our Edenic state?

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Blogger Michael said...

I think you're likely to become known, not as the guy who does dog photos, but as the guy who uses dogs to make great photos. I very especially like the one with the patronymically challenged Ms Crook.

Blogger emory said...

hey michael- delighted to hear of the cows safe arrival on the island. ya, had to change the title, never challenge a patronym.
As we say in the states
who is yo' daddy!?
Hope the silver gelatin holds up against the ink-jet/carbon-fiber/giclee

Blogger Michael said...

Well I also whipped down your print of Segis the retired cow and set it alongside the other B&W prints I've got here, darkroom and printer, and I can tell you, stick with silver gelatin. I can tell there is a difference, I can't tell you what the difference is, I'd never want to have to choose between them, but boy that silver gelatin print is good.

Blogger Barrett said...

These photographs remind me of a political campaign from a few decades back when a candidate was quoted to say: "My opponent has been stealing from you long enough. It's time to give me a chance."

You don't hear that kind of honesty anymore.


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