Friday, November 11, 2005

white tee

washington post has an article this morning saying hip hop fashion is dead.

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Blogger Barrett said...

Well, maybe. Then too, that's what they said about Madonna...

Anonymous said...

Okay rap has a negative image, tell me something new? I've been an avid fan of hiphop and it's been semi-good to see rap make such a dominnat satus on the Billboard charts, but it seems to currently be embroiled in the superficial. Finally people from impoverished backgrounds can get paaaaaaaid making music. The downside is the lavish nature of lauding their wealth. What are the demographics of people who actually make it to the top and stay there? Meanwhile the videos and songs are like a catalyst for implosion in the poor communities, "'cos everyone want dat Jesus piece". We don't want to work hard for anything. I blame myself too because I've been up in that vibe. We need a contrast to the bling (and I don't mean backpack rap) to represent other lifestyles out there.


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