Saturday, December 03, 2005

frog dog

French Poodle

Blackbird needs a dog, I am hoping that she'll selects a dog that is genetically disposed to regard other living creatures favorably. Blackbird likes 130 pound Shepherds and dogs whose last literary appearance was in Call of The Wild.
My mantra is lab-mix lab-mix lab-mix.
This has been a bad-press week for Labradors.
Over yonder in France: was the face-transplant patient's dog trying to kill it's mistress or was the dog clumsy at CPR?
French people are different than American? (not so fat...)
Maybe French Labradors are different than American Labradors?

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Blogger matt said...

Very nice shot! Glad you're feeling better...

Anonymous Jim said...

The decor and deep pile shag carpet in the room really have a retro look. Is this recent or is it another treasure from your archives?

Blogger emory said...

duval county a.k.a. jacksonville- I was the jerk on the newspaper photo staff, the one who got to do all the dog and pony work.
when I was terminated, one of the complaints in my folder was that I didn't know how to use an electronic flash.
as you can see, i was using multiple flash instead of on camera, cutting edge in 1980 for a dog and pony photog.
a little bitterness in my tone? It wasn't fun employment.

Blogger Michael said...

Truly wonderful (sur)realism. I don't suppose you've thought of publishing a book?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does the bird need a dog?
Not having a dog is one of the better things about my life.
Is she messy, casual and indifferent to odors? If not, then watch out for making trouble.


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