Saturday, December 31, 2005


Drove to Quincy Florida home of my favorite newspaper job. Would post pictures but silica based technology has failed. Laptop hard drive making cement mixer sound. Must fall back to home, make repairs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


i found your website about 6 months ago and really liked your work and i printed out loads of pictures to stick around my room but never got round to it and completely forgot where i put them. anyway, i fond them not long ago and my friend said she really liked them so im showing her your website now and we both love this picture. we would love a camera like this one.

hannah and megan

Blogger Doug said...

Hannah & Megan-
It's great that you've found Bill's site- I think he's a GREAT photographer. It's also fantastic that you've shared his site with others. I have a suggestion, though- If you really love his stuff, why not contact him and see if you can buy a print? You'd have a fantastic peice of art to hang on your wall and you'd be doing your part to help support Bill so he could keep taking all these great photos.

Bill- Hope I'm not speaking out of turn, and I hope your feeling better every day- hope to see you soon!


Blogger Barrett said...


Hope you get that Apple of your lap up and running soon (know the feeling, but thnakfully from working on others' computers as opposed to mine). It does sound like the HD is on the outs, although I wouldn't rule out one or two other possibilites.

And, what's the story behind this forlorn and un-canonized Canon? A ghost of photographic adventures past?

Blogger emory said...

hannah and megan- thanks for your note. doug has a point, being a photographer or a musician in the US isn't a career choice for the person who wants to eat and be able to afford a place to live.
do what doug says, if you find that you've downloaded every mp3 by a musician, or you are listening to a burned copy of a musician's CD all the time- get in touch with them. buy the cd. encourage your friends to buy the cd. Compensate the creative person for their output.
buying photos can be rewarding. i saw a bad 5x7" print by Walker Evans in a gallery in NYC selling for $40,000.
While Evans was alive he would have been thrilled to get $25 for the same print.
Being hand made, limited supply, can work in your favor. So while the artist is alive you help them eat + you have something you like on the wall.
And when they die and possibly become "collectible" you can sell your prints and buy a house.

Blogger Sidharth said...

Excellent site. Please do keep in touch.


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