Saturday, December 24, 2005


President Bush delivered his Kwanzaa Hanukkah Christmas messages a few days back. He covered a lot of bases, Virgin Birth, Light of Hope, Triumph over Tyranny, Those Lost in Freedom's Cause, Commitment to Compassion, Creativity, Collective Work.

The White House bows to diversity and simultaneously squeezes three takes on the Winter Solstice into the Bush Policy Bag. Impressive.

However the President failed to say words recognizing the Holiday of Commerce. Words for the Nutcracker, for Santa, for Frosty the Bleeping Snowman. Will his omission have a political cost?

Yesterday, Jose Luis Espinal of Washington Heights NY had his name changed in Manhattan Civil Court to Jesus Christ.

That, my friends, is Freedom.

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Blogger Michael said...

Bill, I am free to wish you a merry Christmas and very healthy and mobile New Year. And thank you very much for the poetry and the images. I look forward to more and more and more.

Blogger emory said...

michael- thank you for the kindnesses of conversation and fellowship. means the world


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