Thursday, January 05, 2006

I love

"Guess it was inevitable that Bill Emory would succumb to using pictures of babies and dogs. Must be your newspapering ethic influencing your photo selection."

Should I be complimented or offended?
My first song and dance, as a teenager, was existential angst. We didn't cut or self mutilate back then, we talked about IT.
Hey- I am an old guy now, I can do an imitation of existential angst, I can do an imitation of social concern, but overall what you'll get from me is a song of thanks and joy.

Wait wait- we'll let Tom T. Hall step in and finish this one off:

I love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks
Slow-movin' trains and rain
I love little country streams, sleep without dreams

I love leaves in the wind, pictures of my friends
Birds of the world and squirrels
I love coffee in a cup, little fuzzy pups
Bourbon in a glass and grass

I love honest, open smiles, kisses from a child
Tomatoes on the vine and onions
I love winners when they cry, losers when they cry
Music when it's good and life
And I love you, too



Anonymous John R. said...

You should be complimented, old friend. (smile)

Blogger Lightnin said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand this

Blogger emory said...

I was being faulted for taking sentimental pictures. I owned up to that practice, to taking snapshots. I threw in some country music lyrics as a quick catalog of things I care about. I added a picture that is a little weird, a baby on a platter. Nothing to understand. Life is a crazy salad.


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