Wednesday, January 18, 2006

screw eden

The developers are more organized than the developed, screwing Eden is their job.

In times of trouble my neighborhood responds. We open the doors of our houses, we gather. We formulate, we act.
It takes dramatic trouble to provoke the neighborhood's immune response.
Lesser trouble gains entry unnoticed.
We sleep and eat and go to work unperturbed as non resident developers make plans to harvest the green space in our neighborhood.
It's the American way.
Noticing what you have once it is gone.



Blogger Barrett said...

And, here in Brooklyn, it's not much different: in the middle of a block of ordinary-but-not-ugly post-war buildings is a new, butt-fugly mass of cheap concrete and glass announcing itself to neighbors left and right, with absolutely no regard to surroundings. Built on the cheap, priced obscenely (and, believe me, someone will buy...P.T. Barnum was right, whether or not he was the real author of that infamous quote), and replicating itself on quiet streets all over the borough. It's not progress. It's not even particularly smart in the long run.


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