Friday, February 03, 2006

car v dog

The SPCA adoption contract called for Lorraine to be neutered. Veterinarian did that surgery. Post-op leash walked Lorraine for two weeks. The incision healed well. Took her out to the country to celebrate. Let her off leash.

Lorraine took off, headed toward intriguing high-pitched sounds in the distance.

She ran through a field.

She ran through a pine woods.

She took up her post square in the middle of a high speed two lane road.

"I dare them to try and pass me."

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Anonymous Molly said...

Hi Bill--

I have been reading your blog via & enjoying your black and white photos. I was expecially charmed by the one of you and Lorraine in the grass with your book.

I am so sorry about your loss. What a sad day.

Blogger emory said...

hey- time travel is part of being a photographer, living in different decades. one of my friends in CHO wrote saying "you have a new dog!" No no. alas, sweet maniac Lorraine was smitten by rolling stock sixteen years ago.
in the blink of an eye life is over.
jack russell and human.

the car that hit her did not stop.


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