Friday, February 24, 2006

the Citadel

uniform cloth made by the Charlottesville Woolen Mill until 1962

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Blogger Vulcan said...

the citadel, singular herb, navel gazing, pieces.. excellent photographs!

as usual!


Blogger Dave Beckerman said...

you see, i'm just like everybody else. i look at the shot with the geometric shapes and the first thing my mind wants to know is: where is that? but don't tell me. I see that it is "the citadel" but I don't know what that is and shouldn't really care... leave it all to speak for itself. it speaks. i listen.

Blogger Barrett said...

The Military College of South Carolina...their answer to VMI and West Point (but don't tell anyone down there I made this analogy...I'm already in deep with an Aggie or two:-)

- Barrett


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