Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Henry Clay Marchant

Listing conveys information, confers honor and heightens awareness.

Listing can help reinvigorate commercial and residential areas by preserving the spirit and character that make them special places.

Most of all, listing in the National Register of Historic Places informs the local, state and federal governments that a historic resource exists. (Virginia Department of Historic Resources)

There are people who think that chicken comes from the store. It's born that way. In shrink-wrap, upside down.

There are people living in the Woolen Mills neighborhood who think the "Mill" name was picked out of a hat, like a developer naming a subdivision "Avalon."

Pictured above, the mill owner's house. He lived in the mill village with his workers.



Blogger John Racine said...

Bill, I thought chicken was born in the store? What about Twinkies. Where are they born. I love this old house and thank you for pointing to the past as your neighborhood struggles to define its future. Woolen Mills wouldn't be the same without Bill Emory.


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