Wednesday, March 29, 2006

non sequitur

high springs, florida

any of you speak Bulgarian? Babelfish doesn't. Bulgaria about the size of Tennessee. A blogger in Bulgaria is using one of my image maps. fluXus the blogger's name. I tried to say hey but in addition to word verification one has to be a "member". fluXus lives in Sofia...

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Blogger Cory Capron said...

Does Bulgaria have a second language?

Also is this a hey like... "Hey! That's my image map."

Or... "HEY! That's MY image map!"

I assume that latter, and if so you should be able to report it to since you're both using the service.

Also I found a dictionary online and came up with this:

"???????? ????? h????????"

???????? ????? = copyright

h???????? = infringement

Not sure if it's gramatically correct. I had some trouble figuring out the right word for "of." They should get the point if you can reach them though.

here's the dictionary:

Hope this helps.


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