Monday, March 20, 2006

not bisquit run

You have 900 acres of land? What will you leave behind? 5000 houses? A park? Maybe put the land under a conservation easement?

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Blogger Lightnin said...

Nice shot. From the late 1800's?

Blogger emory said...

Lightnin! That is Sophia in beautiful Fauquier County. There was a Camp of Emories in Fauquier from 1918-1969. Their tears ran, what was the name of the creek, it'll come to me. Tears ran in the Rappahannock watershed. When we swim in the Corrotoman we are surrounded by their joy and sorrow.

Anonymous John Racine said...

This is almost NOT black and white, Emory! Standards must be kept. Integrity must be maintained. If you start publishing color photos what's next, banner ads for developers in Woolen Mills?


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