Thursday, March 09, 2006

trouble in the garden

view from Sand Island looking South

January 21, 2004 the Monticello Foundation announced that they were spending 15 million dollars to acquire 330 acres in the Monticello viewshed. How I applaud that move!

Hello up there on the Hill! Tommy do you hear me! Please buy our neighborhood!

The Woolen Mills Neighborhood is the residential garden in a bend of the Rivanna at the foot of Monticello. There is trouble in the Garden.

Bulldozers are warming up their engines, ready to clear more land for chain link and high density usage. Please help us Oh! people of the Hill, we implore and beseech thee. Please help us preserve a bit of Jefferson's agrarian view.



Anonymous super trooper said...

Good after noon dear Sir,
no new picture for march 10?
i like to keep a watchful eye on my authority figures.
it snowed a bunch yesterday, do you think there's anything more beautiful than falling snow?
all my love,

Blogger emory said...

yah- very very busy with the neighborhood stuff, everyone is making a grab for instant riches, our quality of life foresaken.
I am here for the long haul, A Woolie to the end. lay me out in the front room where John Baltimore and April were laid out.
Missing postings, too busy.
Never too busy for you.


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