Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gaffney, SC

things I love about the south. Live oaks, marshes and the Peachoid.

In 1981 the Peachoid was awarded the "Steel Tank of the Year" award by the Steel Plate Fabricators Association. The artist for the project was Peter Freudenberg, the engineer the Harwood Beebe Company. The tank was fabricated by Chicago Bridge and Iron. The tank belongs to the Gaffney Board of Public Works.

The Peachoid has a capacity of one million gallons (water or peach juice).

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Blogger John Racine said...

I'm guessing that the folks at (Steel Plate Fabrication Association) are men. When I visited their website, every prize winning tower was portrayed in a most fallic way.

Blogger Lightnin said...

Well, they're towers... Do they give prizes for tunnels?

Incidentally, Chicago Bridge & Iron wanted to set up a fabrication plant near Bluffton, SC, but after trying some illegal stuff (and being willing to take the chance of cracking the limestone aquifer cover, thus allowing salt water into most of the Southeast's water supply) they backed down. Regular citizens scared them off (whereas the politicians of SC were willing to risk the threat -- there's a lot more to this story) and the contractors who started tearing up the land before having permission, well, they got a lot of sugar in their gas tanks...
I guess CBI got the Peachoid as a consolation prize.
When you look closely at the Peachoid, you may notice some interesting female characteristics, although they may have been unintentional. Don't tell.

Blogger Scott and Deb said...

I've driven past the peach many, many times...I always thought it looked like a big butt....

Blogger jaggedlandslide said...

I live in Gaffney and I have all my life and I hate that peach lol You'd be amazed how many people come into my coffee house at exit 90 dying for directions to that thing! I hate that they put a fatz in the front of it, it takes away from the awe that it used to bring... I love this pic though! it's great! Makes me feel a little cooler about being from here!
Thx for the art!


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