Monday, May 01, 2006

Honey! Those men are in the yard again!

They say Thomas Jefferson never saw morris dancers.

They say Thomas Jefferson used to ride to Charlottesville by the short route, up the Rivanna Turnpike past the Mill at Pireus. If Jefferson had glanced to his right, 50 yards off the Rivanna Turnpike at 7:11:46 (Standard Time) this morning he would have finally seen them. Morris Men, seven of them, dancing on May day.

There are many traditions afoot in the Woolen Mills. NASCAR, African drums, meditators, piano players, artists, programmers, architects, bus drivers, retirees, carpenters, laborers, plumbers, lawyers...
We value the character and the diversity of our neighborhood.

Seven Men dancing in the backyard, that's ok (even if Th. Jefferson never saw them).

Seven dwelling units in the backyard? Not OK.

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