Friday, May 19, 2006

how long

Started working at the farm thirty-one years ago today. Fourteen stairs going up, house four strides by seven.
I always did like to count.
Three hundred and sixty seven days ago we met with our neighborhood planner, and compared notes about the traffic that is battering the heart of our neighborhood.
I am counting vehicles today. Sitting motionless for twenty four hours putting numbers to a problem.

Dear City,
One decision and two signs would vastly improve our quality of life.
Is 23 years of asking for help long enough?

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Blogger Doolittle said...


Thanks for all your efforts towards making this neighborhood a better place to live. The counting is tremendously important.

How much longer is the city (and the county for that matter) going to continue plugging their ears and start humming loudly whenever problems regarding development and traffic in the Woolen Mills are mentioned? As an example, look at the 4th St RR tunnel recently getting one-wayed at lightening speed. The city was willing to change traffic patterns as an "experiment" for a year to see how things progress.

Yet for 20 years our neighborhood has been asking for relief from cut-through traffic and has been largely ignored. A few city and county business owners whimper about potential losses of revenue for their companies and the city officials shake in their shoes. "Oh, you can't mess with Mr Big, he's powerful, he's a revenue producer." Frankly, Mr. Big & Friends, if the structures of your businesses are so fragile that you can't withstand having a 4-way intersection made into a 3-way intersection, then I'd say you have far bigger problems than traffic patterns to deal with.

Okay, stepping off the soapbox now. Thanks again, Bill.



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