Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Richmond Virginia skyline

first roll of 35mm b&w film, 1968

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Blogger Lightnin said...

When Chesterfield was King!

Blogger John Racine said...

When I was four years old.

Blogger Barrett said...

And I was twelve. '63 Ford Galaxie in the near background, on what seems a quite unsusual stretch of road (old commuter rail/trolley line?). I've only been to Richmond once (1983, chasing several famous trains for a week that summer). Memories of that city linger large in my memory, aided and abetted by many rolls of Kodachrome. Quite a town, Richmond.

- Barrett

Blogger jessie said...

i live in Richmond, I LOVE IT!!!! I think this is a flic of the 9th st bridge that leads one through the city. It is a fabulous photo and one of the best angles i have seen in the city. Can i have it?!?!?!? <3


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