Friday, May 05, 2006


Raccoons are nocturnal, asocial animals. The males and females don't hang out together. They are territorial. But show racoons the money, give them a good steady supply of dogfood, and the rules the species has developed over the past 10,000 years go out of the window.

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Blogger Barrett said...

Wouldn't want to run into this bunch of critters when they're in a bad mood...

- Barrett

Blogger emory said...

Absolutely right Barrett, they are most def carnivorous. They have a habit with birds, when they are snackin', to rip the bird's head off, toss it to the side before they get to crunchin' on the Tweetie ribcage.
They like to eat. They can be 50% fat when they've had a good calorie run. Be careful before you snooze on that bench in the park.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh guess what idc.


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