Wednesday, June 14, 2006

66,000 pounds

daydreaming about the illustrations Nick Nichols could make of the predatory vehicles that stalk Second Road, Woolen Mills Road and other neighborhood byways.

Camera traps that trigger when the growling diesel breaks 95db, heat sensor? ppm CO2?

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Blogger jeffsaintdee said...

did you hear these babies this morning?

Blogger Doolittle said...

Wasn't that something?

I was nearly crushed at the Carlton & Franklin 4-way stop on my way to work this morning. The HT Ferron driver was employing a real sense of urgency in his driving/barrelling technique. I would have given him a "10" for his fortitude and go-getter attitude, but had to deduct a few points for his lack of focus on the actual road.

Must be some holes somewhere need filling... fast.

Blogger John Racine said...

NASCAR has arrived in the form of a 16-gear, landscape changing truck driven by men on a mission and unaware of those that they affect.

Blogger emory said...

Hey John, I have to weigh in here (arG!)and respectfully disagree.
When you are driving 13 yards of concrete you definitely know who you effect, you are driving the whirlwind. Concrete truck drivers are kings of the road. No one pulls in front of them.

Its classic Newtonian physics. When 66,000 pounds hits 2,000, the 2,000 undergoes close to instant acceleration. Wherever the 2,000 pounds was headed before, it is going in the concrete truck's direction now. Its the road equivalent of being hit by a train.


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