Tuesday, June 13, 2006

forty years

On a personal note, a friend from out of town called this morning and did an intervention with me on the phone. "Ya got to let this neighborhood stuff go."
I'd like to live in a neighborhood that didn't suffer these perennial advances by the developing class. I like these developers as people, but I disapprove of the process they are employing.

Ironies abound. After deciding the fate of the developers' petition to upzone an R1 lot to PUD the Charlottesville Planning Commission will consider the following:

ZT?06-3-9: An ordinance to amend and re-ordain the following sections of the Code of the City of Charlottesville, 1990, as amended (Zoning Ordinance):

a.) Section 34-158: Special Permits, Application Generally: This is to specify the items which are needed as part of any special permit application, including a preliminary site plan, applicant?s ownership status, Low Impact Development worksheet for certain residential development, massing and context graphics and affordable dwelling unit data.
b.) New Sections 34-165 & 34-166: Infill Development: This provides standards and requirements for residential infill development special permits on property not to exceed 2 acres in total land area. This would also include an infill area map and Low Impact Development checklist by reference.
c.) Section 34-492: Configuration (for PUDs): Adding the requirement that Planned Unit Developments consist of more than 2 acres of total land.

It is my fervent hope that we are in an endgame and that we can once again return to enjoying our quality of life rather than fighting for our quality of life.

Waking up battling the sequelae of zoning imposed on the neighborhood 40 years ago, it is no way to live.

Please, we need your help, 6:30 PM, City Council Chambers, stand with us.

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