Friday, June 30, 2006

Stewards, teachers, workers

Messieurs Caravati and Higgins leave the helm of the SS Charlottesville today. No in depth biographies here, but suffice it to say, one man was on the advisory and political side, the other man on staff since before the beginning of time.
They have been exemplary public workers, the thinking side of the City, for fifty years.

The City is in a difficult passage at this time. I will miss these men at the helm. I will miss their reliable good natures, work ethic and wisdom.

Where are the life jackets?

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Blogger emory said...

hey- we might not need the life jackets, but its a good idea to know where they are located.

Blogger Barrett said...

Always a good idea, Bill.

Might I appropriate that window sign for use up here in the People's Republic of Brooklyn? :-)

- Barrett


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