Tuesday, June 06, 2006

uncertain future

Dear Charlottesville Residents,
Please join me at the Planning Commission's June 13 meeting. Developers are petitioning the Commission to upzone the backyard of a historic home in the mill-village district. Currently the land in question is dense with flora and fauna. The developers envision the land dense with dwelling units, driveways, automobiles and rain-gardens.
The meeting is at 6:30P.M. City Council Chambers.
Help us preserve the fabric of history.

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Blogger Scott and Deb said...

Last Sunday at my church, the sermon was about "taking the dive," so this pic gives me chills in its synchronicity. "Diving" was described as accepting risk, anchoring it to faith and then moving into action in the direction you discern is your risky but divinely appointed path.
May it be so for those of you who are attempting to preserve your corner of the world's landscape in the condition "God intended it to be." (smile)


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