Saturday, July 22, 2006

Popillia japonica

Japanese beetles travel and feed in groups. A swarm of beetles have been known to strip a peach tree in 15 minutes, leaving behind only bare branches and the fruit pits (Encyclopedia Britannica Online).
Tooth and claw. I plant the trees, the J. beetles eat the leaves. Ah!
This new b&w predator does something to the beetle, don't think its a friendly hug. Whatever, predator is keeping the beetle-mouth off the leaves. Would be interested if anyone can supply caption info .

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Blogger emory said...

Blackbird says-

The Wheel Bug lives in meadows and crop fields east of the rockies from southern Canada to the Gulf States. They eat "caterpillars, even large ones like hornworms, Japanese Beetle larvae and other insects. This handsome predator can give a painful stab when it defends itself from a careless handler."- Audubon Field Guide to American Insects and Spiders

Blogger Lyle Solla-Yates said...

I've started seeing them in my yard too. Hopefully, they eat mosquitoes.

Blogger Tim McCormack said...

They eat everything they can get their beaks into, but they are fairly docile. Watch out, though -- it can take up to four months for the wound to heal if you do get bitten. Apparantly, they make good pets...

In any case, I've been photographing them as well. Gorgeous insects.

On the trellis.

They're part of a larger group of insects called assassin bugs.


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