Monday, July 31, 2006

Score the ball

Stunning generosity, the 35 million dollar gift from Paul Tudor Jones. Serious seed money for the new John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville. It is a fabulous facility. Admirable as well that young Jones chose to honor his dad with the naming request.
My only wish is that someday, there will be a UVA graduate who is similarly inspired by the Library.
That would be sweet. A state of the art library.
Score the ball indeed.



Blogger Barrett said...

Yeah, the Library. Seems like it's so easy to cough up the bucks for a sports facility just about anywhere (we thankfully killed the plans for a big one in Manhattan, and still fighting the the proposed Atlantic Yards arena/Manhattan-annes-across-the-river project tooth and nail), but try and get anything built without an arena as a carrot/fig leaf, and all you get are barely stifled yawns.

- Barrett


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